Clients who are unvaccinated must adhere to State and facility COVID 19 safety guidelines.

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60 Minute Medical Massage

Medical Massage sessions are designed to treats chronic (not acute) cases of soft tissue pain.

It is generally applied to support physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture services. 

Medical Massage is unique because the entire session is dedicated to an area of concern.


60 Minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, methodical, and precise type of massage that promotes movement of lymphatic fluid to a swollen limb then back into the body's lymphatic system for circulation. 

This session can be of benefit to post-surgical patients and cancer survivors.


60 Minute Sports Massage

After completion of your favorite sport or physical activity, you will need a tool to aid in recovery.

Sports Massage supports recovery after the initial period of muscle soreness has decreased from exercise or sports activity.

Emphasis can be given to fatigued muscles groups utilized during physical activities.





Personal Training Services


App Based Mobile Personal Training

Take your fitness on the go with  DMPT mobile app access. As a self-paced user enjoy the benefits of clear and concise exercise videos, metric tracking, and the ability to exercise any time you want.

App Based Personal Training & Meal Planning

Nutrition is an important component of exercise. DMPT now offers meal planning in addition to its mobile training service.

Additional benefits of this service include individualized meal plans designed by registered dietitians, metric tracking, and coaching.

60 Minute Personal Training

In-Person personal training provides individualized personal training sessions in a modern fitness facility in New York City.

Sessions are designed around long-term fitness goals in a variable manner using different exercises in succession.