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D.M.P.T. offers therapeutic massage and personal training sessions to support and encourage comfortable bodily movement during daily activities. The goal is to inspire you to feel and look your best!


By considering information from your intake and understanding your needs, sessions can be better designed to offer the best possible outcome. Principles of exercise and pain science are the foundation of this work. Therefore modalities such as cupping or any variation thereof, ashiatsu (barefoot massage), and reiki are not offered.


By scheduling your personal training and massage services with D.M.P.T. you gain the added benefit of knowing your massage therapist and personal trainer are the same provider. This is important because it creates continuity between services. It also affords your provider a chance to observe and better understand how your body adapts and responds, or does not adapt nor respond in a massage or personal training environment respectively. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to schedule a session.


Massage sessions are offered at 40 Exchange Place New York, N.Y. by appointment. The suite is a short walk from the New York Stock Exchange and steps from several local subway lines.In-person personal training sessions will resume at a later date. Follow @dmptnyc for updates!

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Medical Massage 60 Minutes

Medical Massage sessions are designed to treats chronic cases of soft tissue pain.

This modality can be used to support physical therapy, and chiropractic treatments.

Medical Massage is unique because its purpose is to  support functional movement and mobility.




Manual Lymphatic Drainage
60 Minutes

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, and specific type of massage that supports and promotes movement of lymphatic fluid away from swollen regions and back into the body's lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Massage can benefit post-surgery patients and chemo patients.

It is advised to get physicians clearance prior to scheduling this session.   

                       $ 169



Sports Massage
60 Minutes

Sports Massage is ideal for individuals who partake in a sporting event or post exercise training.

Sports Massage best promotes muscle recovery after the initial onset of muscle soreness has subsided.

Emphasis can be given to fatigued muscles groups utilized during physical activities as well as their supporting pairs.






Crossfit Wheels

Personal Training Services


DMPT Mobile App Accces

Take your fitness on the go with DMPT's mobile application. As a self-paced user enjoy the benefits of clear and concise exercise videos, metric tracking, and the ability to exercise any time you want.

Enjoy videos from an extensive library from beginner to experienced fitness levels.

Prior to beginning any exercise regimen it is advised to consult your physician.



DMPT Training App Access
(includes meal plan & coaching)

Nutrition is an important component of exercise. DMPT now offers meal planning in addition to its mobile training service.

Additional benefits of this service include individualized meal plans designed by registered dietitians, metric tracking, and coaching.


60 Minute Personal Training

Live personal training provides you the benefit of having a trainer guide and support you as you transition or advance along your fitness journey.

Each session is created based on physical capabilities, safety, and communication.

For individuals new to exercise live sessions are recommended prior to subscribing to mobile training.

It is recommended to consult a physician prior to undertaking personal training.



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