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Thank You for viewing my about section. I believe in applying a multi-modal approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I strive to provide the best services possible within my respective scope of practice. As a massage therapist, I help clients manage sensations of muscle soreness, tightness, and general discomfort by providing input to the central nervous system. I strive to support clients to feel better, move better, and promote better sleep and recovery cycles. I understand each individual's body and lifestyle differ, however with time and patience we can work together to make each session meaningful and beneficial.


I provide medical and sports massage services to enhance well-being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, and support muscle and joint health.

I also provide massage therapy for the benefit of supporting rest, feeling relaxed, and as a means to be in an environment void of daily stressors.  

Each session regardless of the service will begin with me understanding your needs and providing a safe and reasonable session that will help you feel good.

I have trained in a variety of modalities such as medical and oncology massage therapies, manual lymphatic drainage, orthopedic massage, and massage for active individuals (sports massage).

As a Personal Trainer, I create engaging exercise sessions to help you improve or maintain your fitness levels so you can better perform activities of daily living with vigor and energy. Daily activities include walking, bending, lifting, and rotating (turning left or right). There will also be some focus on flexibility. 

I look forward to becoming your massage and personal training provider. Schedule a session today! 



Jason Charles,LMT,NASM-CPT,CES.