I’m an experienced Massage Therapist and a firm believer in applying a multi-modal approach to health and wellness. Through my service offerings, I strive to promote well-being to support and promote keeping the mind and body healthy.


My purpose in becoming a massage therapist is to help clients manage sensations of muscle soreness, tightness, and general discomfort. 


I strive to support clients to feel better, move better, and promote better sleep and recovery cycles. I understand each individual's body and lifestyle differs so promising miracles is not something I do in any of my disciplines. The truth is, some may see results sooner, others may need more sessions to see and feel improvements. 


My business is modeled similarly to other professional allied health service providers in the manual therapy space. This means that each client needs to complete general health history information (to avoid contraindications and protect both parties from damages) and sign  consent of service/treatment forms. I contract these services through an online, private H.I.P.P.A. compliant vendor. Visit https://www.handshealehr.com for more information.


My continuing education includes formal live training in medical and oncology massage therapies, manual lymphatic drainage, and massage for active individuals. During the last three years, I worked in multidisciplinary settings ranging from physical therapy to acupuncture clinics. My professional career began in 2011 as an independent therapist. 


As a Personal Trainer, I create engaging exercise sessions that encourage participants to improve their overall health and fitness activity levels. This includes activities of daily living as well as sport, and athletic activities. I enjoy empowering others to feel and look their best by tailoring my sessions to each individual’s needs.


Per guidelines set forth by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, all personal training clients regardless of the mode of service delivery will need to complete and sign a health history and consent of service form before initial services are rendered. 


My training career began in 2018. I hold an active certifications with the American Council of Exercise in personal training. 


In addition a also hold a personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as a Corrective Exercise Specialist designation. 


My academic courses of study include health sciences and sports psychology. As Covid 19 restrictions are lifted my plan is to expand my continuing education knowledge base so I can better to serve you.


If you think either or both of my service offerings can be beneficial schedule a session today!.

Jason Charles,LMT,NASM-CPT,CES