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About Your Provider

Dynamic Massage Therapy and Personal Training provides value by providing harmonious massage and personal training services in a transformative and meaningful way.  I have over ten years of combined experience in the massage and personal training professions. The bulk of my experience and vision is derived from my experience as a therapist in a multitude of settings.   My work experience, observations, and education has taught me the importance of each modality when applied in tandem, as opposed to separate.  In addition to my formal education in massage therapy I hold advanced training in oncology massage therapy, medical massage, sports massage, and manual lymphatic drainage-to name a few. I hold an undergraduate degree in exercise science and am certified as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Additional certifications and education will be added in the upcoming months.  ​ Jason Charles,LMT,NASM-CPT,CES ​ ​

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