Sports Massage

Sports Massage is beneficial for active individuals that exercise, as well as seasoned athletes who undergo high demands and stress during competition. 
Each session can incorporate stretching, warming gel, dry heat, and and a massage using comfortable pressure. The goal of each session is to support the body’s natural recovery process by identifying and focusing on sore sport specific muscles followed by the musculature of rest of the body.  

Medical Massage 

During a medical massage emphasis is placed on gradually decreasing symptoms of chromic pain from a pre-diagnosed condition or injury. This is the ideal session for pain related to spasms, strains, sprains, and stiffness. The goal of each session is to improve mobility, promote and support an active lifestyle, and possibly reduce pain experienced when performing daily activities.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is applied to move accumulated lymphedema out of tissues and into the lymphatic system. The focus will be to reduce swelling, aching, and discomfort. The goal of each session is to ensure each limb or affected is not restricted by fluid build-up. There are many causes for lymph collection some of the most common are surgery, lymph node removal, and radiation therapy. 

Massage Therapy

Routine massage is one way to ensure you contribute passively to your overall wellness. Swedish massage promotes stress reduction and improved sleep habits because unlike other modalities it does not require much client input or participation during sessions. The focus is to address muscles of concern in a methodical and precise manner while providing a break from daily stressors.