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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Building management takes the safety of all guests, staff, and customers seriously. In order to reduce the spread of covid19, the following safety procedures are in place. This list is not exhaustive

  • All surfaces are sanitized and cleaned throughout the course of the day by building staff

  • The building is equipped with active air ventilation systems to circulate air throughout the space

  • All common waiting areas are arranged in a manner that complies with social distancing 

  • Designated hand sanitizer stations (foam and liquid) are located throughout the space.

    To minimize the spread of covid-19 the following cooperative safety protocols will be upheld.

  • Face coverings are advised for clients and will be worn by your therapist.

  • Medical hand washing and hand sanitizing procedures will be performed more frequently.

  • Sessions are staggered further apart to allow building staff additional cleaning time.   

Thank You for your understanding and consideration in helping to stop the spread of covid19.​

For additional information regarding New York State covid19 guidelines click the link below: